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Infection Control Statement

All practice staff receive training in infection prevention control measures and are expected to comply with infection control procedures. If you have any queries regarding infection control please contact the Practice.

Date: December 2019 Review Date: December 2020

Reviewer: Dr Dutta Infection Control Lead


We aim to keep the surgery clean and tidy, and to offer a safe environment for all our staff, patients and relatives.

Our GP’s and nurses follow procedures to make sure that the treatment of our patients and the clinical equipment used meets infection control and safety standards guidance.

The GP partners encourage staff and patients to raise any issues or report any significant incidents relating to cleanliness and infection control. If any arise then the practice teams meet to discuss and identify improvements we can make to avoid any future problems.

This annual statement will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Event procedure).
  • Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions
  • Details of any infection control risk assessments
  • Details of staff
  • Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines


The Infection Control Lead overseas the infection, prevention and control, with the support of the practice manager and overseen by the any of the partners.

The Partners are updated on infection control and share necessary information with the team at clinical governance team meetings.

Significant Events

In 2019/2020 there were no significant events raised that related to infection control.


An audit will be completed every year, or more when necessary, by the infection control team and actions followed up accordingly.

Patient Responsibility

We will continue to notify patients of any seasonal outbreaks via our plasma screen display in the waiting room, on our website. We continue to enforce to all clinical and non-clinical staff that hand hygiene is the single most effective method of preventing cross infection and recommend everyone washes their hands and uses the alcoholic gel provided in each room regularly. Handwashing guidelines are also visible on posters in each room and our hand washing policy is accessible to new staff or current for referral on our shared knowledgebase.

In November 2019 an infection control audit was completed and action plan generated for any outstanding areas. Policies and procedures have now been finalised and are being implemented operationally. Some inadequacies were noted and these are being worked upon to ensure compliance. We will aim to do more to share information with our patients and will therefore place a copy of this Annual Statement on our practice website and will notify patients of any seasonal outbreaks that they may need to be aware of via posters in the surgery and on our website.

A spot check hand hygiene check is carried out over 2 weeks and any feedback is provided in clinical meetings. Infection control training is carried out annually by all staff

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out so best practice can be established and then followed. There is an annual audit covering infection and control annually.

Cleaning specifications, frequencies and cleanliness of equipment

The practice cleaning team are on board with our risk assessments and their schedules are included in our assessments. New procedures have been put in place to ensure cleaning specifications and frequencies are adequate for a General Practice environment. New policies have been written and carried out by staff.

Toys, books and magazines

We have no toys or books on site.


All curtains are disposable and changed every 6 months according to NHS guidelines.


A Legionella risk assessment has been carried out by Interserve July 2019. Interserve take temperature readings of both the hot and cold water at their sentinel points every month and watch for any changes.

Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs

The new protocol is being considered with regard to guide dogs and hearing dogs coming into the practice. The key factor is cleaning all areas the dog has been and informing the cleaners to do a thorough deep clean at the end of that day.

Cleaning Cloths

The surgery has introduced a more stringent cleaning regime and now using disposable cleaning cloths. This further reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Staff training

Our aim is to conduct hand hygiene training to members of our practice team at bi-annual multidisciplinary staff meetings.

Relevant members of the clinical team attend/will attend update training for Infection Prevention and Control for General Practice.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Policies relating to Infection Prevention and Control are reviewed and updated annually if appropriate. However, all are amended on an on-going basis as current advice changes.

If you have any concerns about cleanliness or infection control, please report this to our Practice manager.

The practice has access to an occupational health service for its staff. It is located at St Helier Hospital and can be contacted on 020-8296-2678. New staff is advised that they need to provide us with details of immunity prior to joining the practice.

Clinical staff immunity is documented by the practice and recorded on their personal file.

The practice has an infection control policy and all other relevant/supporting infection control policies.