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We offer a wide range of general practitioner medical services to our patients that include ante and post natal, immunizations, and well woman clinics. We also provide specialist clinics for the monitoring and management of respiratory conditions including asthma; diabetes, heart disease and anti-coagulation. We also provide an onsite facility for patients requiring minor surgery.

There is a regular Travel Clinic providing immunizations and advice.

There is blood pressure monitoring equipment available in the waiting area for patient use; and an on-site chemist for the convenience of our patients.

Adult Immunisation

We offer a wide range of vaccinations in line with our Practice Policy of Health Promotion.

Anti-Coagulation Clinic

Our Practice Nurses operate three dedicated anti-coagulation clinics every week. 

The clinics provide a convenient ‘one-stop’ service for patients as we are able to monitor bloods and manage Warfarin medication for our patients. We ensure continuity of care for our patients in consultation with the Haematology unit at St Helier hospital.

Cervical Cancer - HPV Vaccination

HPV Vaccination - If any girl from age 12 up to their 18th birthday has missed the HPV vaccination at school we can offer it here at the Cheam GP Centre. The vaccination is a course of two vaccines which are 6 months apart, please ask Reception for more information.

Older girls are no longer eligible for vaccination from the NHS and should contact a Private travel clinic or Private GP if they require the HPV Vaccination.

Child Health

All young children are offered checks at intervals to check on their development, growth and physical health. A physical examination is carried out by the Doctor at eight weeks. Other developmental checks are carried out by your named Health Visitor who will refer to your GP if there are concerns.

Childhood Immunisations

Many childhood diseases have been virtually eradicated in the UK due to the availability of vaccinations. It is very important that all children are fully immunised. 

The GP, Practice Nurse or Health Visitor are available to discuss any worries you may have about your child's vaccinations.  Red Books supplied by Health Visitors detail the National Programme of childhood immunisations.

The Cheam GP Centre offer the Meningitis B vaccination for children born after the 1st May 2015 only as per the Department of Health guidelines.

Contraception and Sexual Health (CASH)

The Practice offers a comprehensive and confidential family planning service. All Doctors and Nurses offer advice about methods of contraception and will discuss and deliver the most appropriate form of contraception on an individual basis.

We do not supply condoms or fit implants.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic (CHD)

All patients diagnosed with CHD will be invited to our Clinic for monitoring and review. We also offer health screening and monitoring of patients assessed at risk of developing CHD.


Patients with depression, major anxiety or other problems may benefit from counselling. Some counselling services may be available to you within the NHS. 

Please see your Doctor or Nurse for more information.

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes is a disease that requires regular monitoring to reduce the risk of complications. Diabetic patients should have regular checks by your Doctor.  You will be advised on all aspects of diabetic care including medication and self-monitoring. 

Please phone the surgery for further details.

Useful Links: 

Emergency Contraception

This service is readily available and for patients who require this service on the same day or up to 72 hours after the incident.

See your GP.

Health Checks

All Patients aged between 40-74 with no pre-existing hypertension, cardiac, renal or diabetic conditions and not already on a statin are eligible for a free NHS Health Check, this is undertaken at the Wrythe Green Lane Surgery and Old Court House Surgery. You will need to book appointments via the Cheam GP Centre reception. 

Please note that a blood test and a consultation with a Health Care assistant will be required. The aim of the Health Check is to assess your risk of developing these diseases and offer lifestyle advice accordingly.

Hypertension Clinic

All patients taking anti-hypertensive (blood pressure) medication will be invited to see a clinician for regular blood pressure checks.

There is also a blood pressure machine available in the waiting area for patients own use if you wish to self-monitor.

Maternity Services

The Doctors provide maternity care clinics.  We aim to provide continuity of care for our patients in close liaison with the midwives and obstetrics teams throughout the ante-natal and post-natal period. 

Post-natal checks are offered 8 weeks after delivery, and the baby is examined at that time prior to the first vaccination.

Vaccinations recommended in pregnancy are;

  • Seasonal flu vaccine available from October to March
  • Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine from 16 weeks.

On The Day Appointments

Most Nursing appointments are pre-booked up to 6 weeks in advance. We do hold some appointments to be booked on the day.

These can be made via Reception and offer an alternative choice for patients presenting with immediate needs.

Pneumonia/Influenza Vaccinations

We offer an annual influenza vaccination programme, further details of our pneumonia and influenza immunisation programmes are detailed below. Our Health Care Assistant Nicky is fully trained and qualified to give these vaccinations.

We recommend that patients suffering from heart, chest or kidney disease, diabetes and any other chronic diseases are immunised.

We operated a series of influenza prevention clinics during the weekdays and on some Saturdays.

Pneumococcal vaccinations are recommended for all patients over the age of 65 years and for under 65s with specific medical conditions. Please book an appointment with our Nurse team.

We also offer a full range of travel immunisations, further details of which can be found in our Travel Clinic section below.

Respiratory Clinic

Patients who are Asthmatic or have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) should have regular reviews at least every year with the Practice Nurse and GP. 

We hold regular respiratory clinics, and can assess and monitor your condition and manage your medication.  Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment.

Well Women Clinic

Cervical Smears - Smear tests for women involve an examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) to check for changes which occur before cancer develops. We recommend that all women aged between 25 and 50 should have a cervical smear every three years and women between 50 and 65 every five years (as advised by the Department of Health) unless there is a medical reason for more frequent tests. 

The Practice will send a reminder when your smear is due. This service is managed by our team of Practice Nurses who will be pleased to discuss any issues and concerns.

We also provide a wide range of Doctor led services for gynaecological conditions including menorrhagia and menopause.

Wound Management

We have daily dressing clinics bookable one week in advance only.