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Patient Reference Group

We formed a Patient Reference Group (PRG) to ensure patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided by the Practice; and over time the services commissioned by the Practice.

Our initial aims are quite simple, we intend to establish a small group of patients who will work with us to identify issues and help us engage the views of a wider group of patients through the use of a practice survey. We envisage the PRG will also champion the issues and challenges faced by the Practice and engage proactively with patients to develop a better understanding and working relationship between the Practice and their patients.

In summary the PRG will:

  • Assist in communicating to patients how recent changes to the NHS and their GP Practice will affect the services we provide
  • Inform the doctors about the level and standard of service their Practice provides from a patient perspective
  • Help the practice decide on overall service priorities
  • Help patients understand more about their medical condition/problems including specific topics, e.g. Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Help provide information on the help available, support groups and networks
  • Help improve the patient experience when attending the Surgery
  • Act as a conduit between the Practice GPs and their Patients to improve awareness of the issues and challenges facing the Practice.

Our aim is to have a Patient Reference Group, who will represent patients’ registered with all three practices at the Cheam GP Centre. Ideally we would like to set up a group across involving all age ranges, with representation from carers, mums and dads, younger and older people.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Patient Reference Group, please contact, 020 8254 0102.

Or if you are happy for us to contact you every now and again to ask you a question or two please complete the Online Sign Up Form.

 NEW  PPG Activity Report April – December 2015

This report will keep you up to date with our progress and our current aims.

2014/2015 PRG Annual Report

This report will keep you up to date with our progress relating to our 2013/14 Action Plan and how we have achieved the three objectives agreed with the PRG for 2014/15.

2013/2014 PRG Annual Report

This report will keep you up to date with our progress and our intentions moving forward and includes the 2013/14 Patient Survey Results and Action Plan, and the updated Action Plan from 2012/13 under the heading appendix 1.

Download Our 2013/14 Annual Report

Past Reports

To read our past reports please go to our Archive.